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The armory is where you can spend hard-earned potatoes on skins for your character, a new weapon, hair styles, or a perk. The armory is also were you can check how many potatoes you currently have. It would currently cost Potato.png 14,950 potatoes to buy everything in the armory.

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Dressing rooms

It is possible to try out different styles for your character out-of-game by using unofficial dressing rooms:


Big thank you to everyone on the official forum for their help with stats and statistic calculations. You can also find charts and weapon reviews on forum threads as well.
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Weapons come in two types: "Weapon 1"s (or "Primary Weapons") and "Weapon 2"s (or "Secondary Weapons"). Every gun does a certain amount of fixed damage, unless the target is crouching (which reduces the damage inflicted by 40%), or is is under the effect of certain perks. You can learn more about how damage is applied on to a player on Health, including how damage is applied a decimals. All weapons have a shooting distance of 500px, although certain guns fire from further away from the body than others, resulting in a slightly longer shooting distance from a player. It would currently cost Potato.png 2650 potatoes to buy all weapons in the armory.

While some guns are favored more than others, every gun has potential if you use it in the way it's designed for. The gun someone chooses should match their play style, or their play style should match their gun. Fighting the same way when using a Famas (fast speed, low damage) as well as a M40 A5 (low speed, high damage) would result in one or both not being used to their best advantage,

Some terms used in the tables below:

  • Fire Rate - A fire rate is found by firing a full magazine, and timing how long it takes from the firing of the first shot to the firing of the last, and then the full magazine size is divided by the time took to empty it, to come up with the Shots Per Second. In the case of non-automatic firing weapons, it is simply fired as fast as possible.
  • Precision - The precision of the weapon is the percentage of a weapons inaccuracy, ranging from 100% (perfect) to 0% (worst, ~30° inaccuracy in either direction). As such, a higher number means a more accurate weapon. This can be especially important when attempting to shot someone from further away, but is less important in closer combat. The precision needed to always hit a distant target (assuming your aiming at the center of a target's hit-box) appears to be 80% or higher.
  • Scope - When a weapon has a scope, a player can see farther than normal the further away their cursor is from their character. Every weapon with a scope can see up to ~8 squares farther than a weapon without one.

If you need to update a weapon's stats, you must update it on the weapon's page; it will then automatically update it here (you may need to purge the page to see results).

Primary Weapons (Weapon 1)

Primary weapons (unlike secondary weapons) require you to use Clip.png clips when you reload. You can only have 4 clips at a time, not including the one you're currently using. Note that both the damage listed here is the weapon's base damage, not affected by perks. The primary weapon is the one a player starts off with when spawned/respawned.

Despite rumors to the contrary, using the M40 A5 (Sniper) as an automatic (versus manually firing each shot via a click) does not decrease it's firing rate. Using it as an automatic may not be the most efficient use of ammo, but firing rate is not lowered. This is true of all automatic weapons' fire rates.

Image Name Cost
Dmg Fire
Precision Reload
Scope Release Date
M4 A1.png M4 A1
(Starter Gun)
Free 30 Yes 2 10 Shots Per Second 90% 3 Yes 14 March 2014
MP5.png MP5 150 22 Yes 2.6 12.5 Shots Per Second 70% 2 No 14 March 2014
SPAS 12.png SPAS 12
150 6x4 No 3.8 2.5 Shots Per Second 0% 3 No 14 March 2014
AK 47.png AK 47 150 31 Yes 3 5.7 Shots Per Second 85% 3 Yes 14 March 2014
Famas.png Famas 150 30 Yes 1.7 12.5 Shots Per Second 90% 2.5 Yes 14 March 2014
M40 A5.png M40 A5
(Sniper Rifle)
150 7 Yes 17 0.625 Shots Per Second 98% 3.2 Yes 14 March 2014
G36C.png G36C 150 25 Yes 2.2 11.11 Shots Per Second 80% 2.5 Yes 19 March 2014
AN 94.png AN 94 150 20 Yes 2.5 7.7 Shots Per Second 95% 2.5 Yes 19 March 2014
M60.png M60 150 90 Yes 2 10 Shots Per Second 70% 5 Yes 24 March 2014
UMP 45.png UMP 45 150 18 Yes 2 14.3 Shots Per Second 80% 1 No 6 August 2014
Steyr Aug.png Steyr Aug 150 20 Yes 4 4.54 Shots Per Second 90% 3 Yes 6 August 2014
P90.png P90 150 50 Yes 1.6 12.5 Shots Per Second 80% 2 Yes 6 August 2014


  • The x4 on the SPAS 12 is there to show the fact every shot of the SPAS 12 fires 4 separate bullets.

Secondary Weapons (Weapon 2)

Unlike primary weapons, secondary weapons do not have a limit on the number of times they can be reloaded. However, this is balanced out by their all-around weaker stats. Note that both the damage listed here are the weapon's base damage, not affected by perks. No secondary weapons have a scope.

Image Name Cost
Dmg Fire
Precision Reload
Beretta 9mm.png Beretta 9mm Free 17 No 2 6.66 Shots Per Second 97% 1 14 March 2014
.357 Magnum.png .357 Magnum 200 6 No 9 2 Shots Per Second 90% 4 14 March 2014
Desert Eagle.png Desert Eagle 200 9 No 5 3.33 Shots Per Second 95% 2 14 March 2014
Uzi.png Uzi 200 35 Yes 1 14.3 Shots Per Second 80% 1.5 19 March 2014
Glock 18.png Glock 18 200 11 No 3 5 Shots Per Second 97% 1 6 August 2014
MP412 REX.png MP412 REX 200 12 No 6 2.5 Shots Per Second 90% 3 6 August 2014

Weapon Statistics

The tables above list the essential data for each weapon. The tables below use that data to construct meaningful statistics to better understand when a gun may be useful. However, do note that these don't account for real scenarios, such as obstacles, missing, sniping tactics (shooting from a safe location), or cases such as trying to kill a VIP and only getting limited shots off before a quick death.

The DPS (Damage Per Second) is around how much damage you would do to an opponent in a second if you shot non-stop (at the fastest speed for non-automatic) with every shot hitting. Higher numbers are better, but keep in mind this doesn't account for accuracy, or how fast you may actually be shooting (in case of non-automatics).

  • DPS (Short) DPS doesn't take into account the ammo in a clip or reload time (damage * fire rate).
  • DPS (Long) DPS depicts the damage of 1 clip plus the time to reload over 1 minute (DPM / 60). This helps depict the result of a long reload and small clip size on the DPS.

The DPC (Damage Per Clip) is how much damage a firing a weapon's complete clip would be (assuming every shot hit).

The DWDPS (Distance Weighted Damage Per Second) incorporates the hit chance (supplied on table below) into the DPS (Hit Chance * DPS). This helps to depict the DPS when firing from a long distance, instead of up close.

The Time to Deal 40 Dmg is how long it would take to kill someone if every shot hit (assuming a full clip). This is calculated with the formula: (ceiling(40 / damage) - 1) * (1 / fire rate) [+ (reload - (1 / fire rate)) * number of reloads, if clip doesn't hold enough ammo to kill]. You can also replace "40" with the HP of your choice to find different times. (R) denotes a weapon requiring a reload to do 40 damage (with the reload time included).

Sorting by two columns: If you want to sort by weapon type and another column, first sort by type, hold down shift, then sort by another column.

Weapon Type DPS
Time to Deal
40 Dmg
M4 A1 1 20.00 10.00 60 1 20.0 10.0 1.90s
MP5 1 32.50 15.21 57.2 0.6 19.5 9.1 1.20s
SPAS 12 1 38.00 16.89 91.2 0.18 6.8 3.0 0.80s
AK 47 1 17.10 11.02 93 1 17.1 11.0 2.28s
Famas 1 21.25 10.41 51 1 21.3 10.4 1.84s
M40 A5 1 10.63 8.26 119 1 10.6 8.3 3.20s
G36C 1 24.44 11.58 55 0.9 22.0 10.4 1.62s
AN 94 1 19.25 9.81 50 1 19.3 9.8 1.95s
M60 1 20.00 12.86 180 0.6 12.0 7.7 1.90s
UMP 45 1 28.60 15.94 36 0.9 25.7 14.3 2.26sR
Steyr Aug 1 18.16 10.80 80 1 18.2 10.8 1.98s
P90 1 20.00 13.33 80 0.9 18.0 12.0 1.92s
Beretta 9mm 2 13.32 9.57 34 1 13.3 9.6 3.70sR
.357 Magnum 2 18.00 7.71 54 1 18.0 7.7 2.00s
Desert Eagle 2 16.65 9.57 45 1 16.6 9.6 2.10s
Uzi 2 14.30 8.87 35 0.9 12.9 8.0 4.16sR
Glock 18 2 15.00 10.31 33 1 15.0 10.3 3.40sR
MP412 REX 2 15.00 9.23 72 1 15.0 9.2 2.40s


  • The SPAS 12 assumes all 4 bullets in a shot hit the target.

Accuracy Field

Image by Solfn

Accuracy Fields are a way to visually represent the accuracy of a weapon (at least to some degree). Accuracy fields take advantage of two facts:

  • If you place your cursor right in front of a weapon's barrel, bullets will fire through walls (and players, this bug cannot be exploited to unfairly kill others). (indicated by the red dot in the middle of the circle)
  • As you move away from this spot you will start to fire in two directions only, with the degree between the two firing directions becoming smaller as you move further away until eventually the gun shoots as normal. (indicated by the edge of the circle)

The larger the accuracy field, the more accurate the weapon. (Note that the M40 A5 is not represented as simply a dot, but a circle of infinite radius)

The radius of the accuracy field is the Precision Radius.

Shooting Distance

All bullets shoot a distance of 500px from the point at which a specific gun fires, right around the tip (the "outer range"). However, not all guns are the same length, causing some guns to actually shoot a little further from a player than others (the "inner range"). The inner range is also what allows you to shoot through blocks you are next to, due to the distance between the tip of the gun and the player's hitbox.

The inner range can be measured by draw a conj wall on a flat surface, walking up to it, and then measuring the distance from the inside of the first wall (the edge of the player's hitbox) to the point where the "harmless bullets" glitch occurs (the exact point where the bullet spawns). Depending on how many blocks away the bullets would spawn, the guns with the same block distances seem to have the same inner ranges.

When using a weapon with a scope and viewing as much extra distance as you can (~8 blocks), you end up viewing most of the outer range of a bullet (800px screen width / 2 + ~8 blocks (8*12px = 96px) ~= 500px). As such, in this scenario most of the firing distance that goes off-screen when using a scope weapon is attributed to the inner scope.

Inner Range Weapons
37px (4 blocks/Tier 4)
M40 A5
28px (3 blocks/Tier 3)
M4 A1 SPAS 12 AK 47
Famas G36C AN 94
M60 Steyr Aug
17px (2 blocks/Tier 2)
MP5 UMP 45 P90
12px (1 blocks/Tier 1)
Beretta 9mm .357 Magnum Desert Eagle
Uzi Glock 18 MP412 REX

Solfn showing an example of calculating a weapon's inner range.

Show/Hide Extended Table
Weapon Type Inner Range
Pixels Blocks
M4 A1 1 27 3
MP5 1 17 2
SPAS 12 1 27 3
AK 47 1 27 3
Famas 1 27 3
M40 A5 1 37 4
G36C 1 27 3
AN 94 1 27 3
M60 1 27 3
UMP 45 1 17 2
Steyr Aug 1 27 3
P90 1 17 2
Beretta 9mm 2 12 1
.357 Magnum 2 12 1
Desert Eagle 2 12 1
Uzi 2 12 1
Glock 18 2 12 1
MP412 REX 2 12 1

Perks comes in many varieties, each intended to help a different aspect of gameplay. Buying a perk 1 / perk 2 unlocks the perk for the other as well. Equipping a perk will cause you to have to wait for the perk's cooldown time before you can use it. C4 and mines are impervious to gunfire. Perks are activated after equipping in the armory (after purchase) by clicking the icon on the bottom right, or pressing 3 / 4. It would currently cost Potato.png 700 potatoes to buy all perks in the armory.
Icon Name Cost Potato.png Cool
Effect Release Date
Perk - health pack.png Health pack 100 20s Increases the health of everyone (yourself, teammates, & enemies) in its radius by 1 Heart.png/s for 10 seconds. You can not recover more than 10HP even from multiple Health Packs if you're damaged/shot in-between uses. If the player owning this perk dies, they will drop 3 Bandage.png Bandages that heal 10HP upon pick-up. Neither Health Packs nor Bandages can heal VIPs. Picking up a Bandage will also prevent you from being able to heal from a Health Pack until you are damaged (but you can still heal from other Bandages after). 20 May 2014
Perk - ammunition.png Ammunition 100 30s Gives additional Clip.png clips to everyone (yourself, teammates, & enemies) in its radius at a rate of 1Clip.png/4s for 10 seconds. The perk will spit out a Clip.png clip upon deployment. A bug can occur if the player collects this clip upon deployment, and the player must wait 8s for the next clip to be added instead of the usual 4, adding a net 2 clips in total. If the player avoids this first clip, and collects two from the radius of the perk's effect, the player can pick up the excess clip after the perk has disappeared, gaining a net 3 extra clips rather than 2. If the player owning this perk dies, they will drop 2 clips upon death instead of the default 1. 6 August 2014
Perk - shield.png Shield 100 20s Increases the defense of everyone (yourself, teammates, & enemies) in its radius by approximately 20% for 10 seconds. 20 May 2014
Perk - rage.png Rage 100 20s Increases the damage of everyone (yourself, teammates, & enemies) in its radius by approximately 15% for 10 seconds. 20 May 2014
Perk - c4.png C4 100 10s Dmg: 18, Diameter: 19 squares. Upon activating, C4 is placed at your current location. After two seconds, you may activate it again, setting it off. C4 causes damage to all enemies and yourself excluding your team mates, in their blast radius, and knock back those standing in its blast range (potentially off the map). If it's not used within 2 minutes after it's placed, it disappears. Ducking does decrease damage done by 40%. 20 May 2014
Perk - mine.png Mine 100 10s Dmg: 25, Diameter: 17 squares. When an enemy player stops on it, it explodes. Mines cause damage to everyone in their blast radius, and knock back those standing in its blast range (potentially off the map). While it can only be triggered by enemies, the blast can hurt all enemies and yourself excluding your team mates. Only one may be placed at a time (placing a new one simply causes the other to disappear). There is also a slight delay of ~4 seconds before it can be triggered. If it's not used within 2 minutes after it's placed, it disappears. Ducking does decrease damage done by 40%. 20 May 2014
Perk - shelter.png Shelter 100 30s All damage taken by you is decreased to 10%[1] for 5 seconds. Note that you also provide equally less damage while the perk is active (e.g. If you both hit each other once with a Sniper - which normally does 17 damage - you'd both deal 1.7 damage, despite only one of you having the perk). This effect does not stack when both players use this perk, even if both players have the perk active. The effect will stack on yourself however, if you use a perk such as a Mine or C4 to damage yourself, as it will reduce your damage to just 1% of its original amount.[2] 20 May 2014
  1. See health to read more on how this works.
  2. 10% of damage done by you, and 10% of that damage then done to you.


This section is a stub. Please help expand itNote: Names needed.

Skins are away to customize the appearance of you character. While each skin must be bought separately (even for different genders), you start off with the default male and female skin, so you can switch between genders in the armory (even as a guest). It would currently cost Potato.png 9500 potatoes to buy all skins in the armory.

Skins offer no in-game benefit, and are purely aesthetic, and possibly to show off your skills. You will also emit slightly different sound effects based on your skin's gender when you are damaged. Note that the listed names are not official in any way. Click an image to see it larger.

There are also zombie skins, but these are not purchasable[Confirm], and are instead for the upcoming zombie game mode.

Male.svg Male Skins
Name Cost
Image(s) Release Date
Recruit Free Skin0M.png 14 March 2014
Soldier  50 Skin6M.png 14 March 2014
(Unknown) [edit] 100 Skin20M.png 20 May 2014
Ellis 150 Skin23M.png 20 May 2014
Daryl[1] 200 Skin21M.png 20 May 2014
Rick[1] 300 Skin22M.png 20 May 2014
Engineer 400 Skin1M.png 14 March 2014
Bob[1][Confirm] 500 Skin19M.png 20 May 2014
Medic 600 Skin3M.png 14 March 2014
Governor[1] 650 Skin24M.png 20 May 2014
Commander 800 Skin4M.png 14 March 2014
Agent 1000 Skin2M.png 14 March 2014
Female.svg Female Skins
Name Cost
Image(s) Release Date
Recruit Free Skin0F.png 14 March 2014
Soldier  50 Skin5F.png 14 March 2014
(Unknown) [edit] 100 Skin10F.png 20 May 2014
Jumpsuit  150 Skin8F.png 20 May 2014
Jill 200 Skin9F.png 20 May 2014
Maggie[1] 300 Skin16F.png 20 May 2014
Engineer 400 Skin1F.png 14 March 2014
Michonne[1] 500 Skin18F.png 20 May 2014
Medic 600 Skin3F.png 14 March 2014
Ada 650 Skin17F.png 20 May 2014
Commander 800 Skin4F.png 14 March 2014
Agent 1000 Skin2F.png 14 March 2014
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 A character that appears in The Walking Dead.


  • Forteresse-concept-sprites.png
    Originally some of the default skins actually appeared differently in the concept art shown on the game's facebook page. While the shading / faces are somewhat different, the biggest difference is the hair.
    • The 600 potato "Medic" skin (first on left) has long hair, yet in-game uses a pony tail just like the skin on the far right. The hair shown does not actually exist in-game.
    • The 800 potato "Commander" skin (second on left) is shown with black hair, but in-game has brown/dirty-blonde hair of a different style akin to that used by the skin 2nd from the right. The hair style in the picture doesn't seem to have an actual duplicate in-game.
    • The 50 potato "Soldier" skin (3rd from the right) in-game uses a pony tail, with the hair style shown not actually appearing on any skin (although with the addition of customizable hair styles it is now purchasable).
    • The 400 potato "Engineer" skin (2nd from right) in-game uses a black hair style. While not identical, it bares resemblance to the hair use on the 2nd skin from the left (it's possible these two styles were "switched" in a way).

This section is a stub. Please help expand itNote: Hair names needed.

Hair styles were added to the game on the 20th May 2014. They offer no in-game benefit, like skins. If you use the "default hair" hairstyle, you will be shown with the hair that comes with your current skin. Note that the listed names are not official in any way. Click an image to see it larger. It would currently cost Potato.png 2100 potatoes to buy all hair styles in the armory.

Img Name Cost
Release Date
Default hair Free 20 May 2014
Hair 1-2.svg
Brown Ponytail Free 20 May 2014
Hair 3.svg
Free 20 May 2014
Hair 5.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 4.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 6.svg
Black Curls 100 20 May 2014
Hair 9.svg
Army Cut 100 20 May 2014
Hair 8.svg
Red Hair 100 20 May 2014
Hair 11.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 7.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 10.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 13.svg
Black Ponytail 100 20 May 2014
Hair 12.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 15.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 14.svg
Beret 100 20 May 2014
Hair 16.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 19.svg
Shaved Head 100 20 May 2014
Hair 17.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 20.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 18.svg
Dreadlocks 100 20 May 2014
Hair 21.svg
100 20 May 2014
Hair 22.svg
Ranger Hat 100 20 May 2014
Hair 23.svg
Baseball Cap 100 20 May 2014
Hair 24.svg
100 20 May 2014


  • The default female hair is actually composed of 2 parts: the ponytail / bangs which goes behind the head Hair 1-2 p1.svg and the normal part of the hair which goes over the head Hair 1-2 p2.svg.

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