Chat commands (unlike controls) can be typed into the chat in a room to make something happen. All commands start with /, and anything typed with / in front (even if it's not a valid command) will not be spoken in chat. If you wish to tell someone a command, you should place a . or other character in front of it (ex: ./mort). Unlike normal messages, chat commands can be entered into the chat again without modification without giving an error.

Changing Rooms

Command Effect
/room [roomname] Goes to the specified room
/salon [roomname]
/domination [roomname] Goes to the specified domination room
/tutorial Sends you to "[Tutorial] YourNameHere"

Interacting With Others

Command Effect
/w [username] [message] Whispers another user (private message).
/c [username] [message]
/silence Toggles your receiving whispers on and off.
/t [message] Sends a message to your tribe.
/chat [name] Creates / joins a chat room.
/who [name] Lists who is currently in the chat room (does nothing otherwise).
/profile [playername] Opens the profile for the specific user (only if they are in the same room as you).
/profil [playername]
/friend [username] Adds the specified user to your friends list.
/ami [username]
/ignore [username] Adds the specified user to your ignore list.
/mute [playername] Mutes the player on your chat.
/ban [playername] If enough people request it, they will be temporarily banned. Note, this is not the same as reporting.
/report [playername] Opens a reporting interface for the specified user.
/clear Clears the chatbox.

Other Commands

Command Effect
/mort Kills your character.
/mod Displays all online moderators.
/font [fontname] default = verdana
/fontsize [#] # is number, default = 12
/ping Shows you your current ping in chat.
/langue [language] Change the language used by the game (doesn't affect messages already onscreen). Must be a valid 2-letter language code, or else the game the game while be stuck with a black semi-transparent overlay and unresponsive to mouse clicks. Ex: /langue es
/ips Shows your current FPS at the top left of the screen. Enter command again to remove.
/cips Shows the frame calculation time in the form of a graph. Enter command again to remove. Note that the image prevents you from clicking through it to access the chat, so simply click on the chat further to the right (or just hit Enter).
/debug Toggles debugging on / off (currently doesn't do anything).
/title Lists out your current titles (currently none available).
/lua Opens up a window to write the lua scripting language. Doesn't currently appear to do anything.
/code Opens the box for typing codes that give rewards (from contests, attending a convention they are at, etc).
/tribunal You can monitor and vote on the innocence of a reported player. While the text says names show up in pink, they don't due to the red/blue team overrides.
/menu Opens up the Transformice picture menu (bug).

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