Most controls have a noticeable immediate effect to your character or the environment around you. Note that for a control to work, the chat text-box must not have focus (have a cursor in it).

Keyboard and Mouse ControlsEdit

Key Action Notes
Left Mouse Click Shoot You fire your currently wielded weapon. If you have died, clicking will change who your camera "follows" until you respawn.
or A or Q Move Left
or D Move Right
or W or Z Jump
or S Crouch Makes you a smaller target, and decreases damage taken from enemies (usually by 40%). Note that this also means you can do less damage to enemies.
Ctrl, Shift, Space, or Cmd Spawn blocks / "conj" You spawn conj at you cursor if in range. Can be useful for building a bridge, shield, wall, reaching high places, or barricading a hole.
E Reload gun Note that while this is happening you cannot shoot. Useful to do before charging into an enemy with few bullets.
1 / 2 Switch Weapons Allows you to switch to your primary weapon (weapon 1) and secondary weapon (weapon 2) respectively. If you already wield that weapon, this does nothing.
3 / 4 Activate Perk If you have equipped a perk, 3 will select the first one, and 4 the second. If you have a perk 2 equipped but not a perk 1, 3 is still used to activate it as it's the "first" one. This can also be used to detonate C4.
Scroll Wheel Switch Weapons Moving the scroll wheel allows you to quickly scroll between your chosen primary and secondary weapon (weapon 1 and weapon 2).
T Tribe Chat Switches your keyboard focus to the chatbox and types in "/t " which is the tribe chat command. Hit T, type your message, and then hit Enter to send.
J Crouch / Conjuration Switch Changes the functionality of Ctrl, Shift, Space, or Cmd to crouch and the functionality of S to spawning conjuration. Hitting J again will reverse this.
G Firing Stance Changes your stance to your current weapon's firing stance. No useful application.
Enter / Y Bring Chat to Focus Brings the chat text-box into focus (instead of having to click it). Pressing Enter while in the chat-box will send the message / chat command, and then change the focus back to the game (or if empty will simply change focus back to game).
Shift+ Enter Expand Chat Toggles the chat box from its default position to an extended version that goes up to the top bar. Note that the chat box must not be in focus when you do this.

Chat CommandsEdit

These are just some of the most commonly used chat commands; for a full list see the chat commands page.

Command Effect
/mort Kills your character.
/room roomname Goes to the specified room
/chat name Creates / joins a chat room.
/ban playername If enough people request it, they will be temporarily banned. Note that this is not the same as reporting.
/mute playername Mutes the specified player.


  • Q for moving left and Z for jumping are "leftovers" / "shout-outs" from the original Forteresse (Extinction) version.
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