Events are temporary activities planned by the game creators, which can award special Titles and exclusive objects. It is not uncommon for special maps to appear, depending on the event.[Confirm]

Official EventsEdit

There are currently no official events that have occurred.

Non-Official Forum EventsEdit

These events are hosted by someone on the forum (with permission from a Sentinel [Forum Mod]), and while they are not "official" and don't offer rewards, they can be fun to participate in.

These are listed from most recent to oldest.

International Fortoresse Tournament of 2016 (January 2016)Edit

Start Date 8 January 2016 End Date [Unknown]
Type 1vs1 elimination (best of 5). Organizer Minsunny, Viperxll, Micolovemom, Thesnailgary, Holistergo
Winner(s) [Unknown]


Fortoresse1v1 tourney (September 2014)Edit

Start Date 25 September 2014 End Date Unofficially canceled due to inactivity.
Type 1vs1 elimination (best of 5, except finals which was best of 9). Organizer Thesnailgary
Winner(s) None


Fortoresse Tournament (August 2014)Edit

Start Date 25 August 2014 End Date 23 September 2014
Type Team elimination (4 to a team). Organizer Thesnailgary
Winner(s) Team NOOB (Phobosin, Shadowtrophy, Bookslover, and Claireybear)