For information on the "modern" Forteresse, see Fortoresse.

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Before Fortoresse became it's own game with it's own website (, it was available to play (and still is!) as Forteresse at Extinction (


Fridge that needs to be protected / destroyed.

The biggest difference (for many) is that it's completely in french. However, there are other differences such as:

  • It's not part of the "Transformice framework", and thus has a different UI and "physics".
  • Different controls
  • Official maps have only one game mode - "destroy the fridge". Each Fridge has 40 hp.
    • Custom maps may have other modes
  • Not everything can be shot / environment isn't blocks.
  • Your conj is solid even for teammates.
  • You have to hold down the mouse button to spawn conj.
  • You can shoot a different type of ammo (Ham bombs Bomb-extinction.png).
    • Bombs don't damage fridges.
  • The faster you fire, the more inaccurate your aim becomes (shown as a circle getting larger, showing just how much the inaccuracy is increasing).
  • The numbers next to a players name represent the kill count and damage to the fridge.
  • Moving during a reload will interrupt it.


You can choose between 4 different skins in the settings menu. There also a 5th skin in the game, although it can only be worn by entering in the /jack command before entering a Fortoresse room.

Soldat1-extinction.gif Soldat2-extinction.gif Soldat3-extinction.gif Soldat4-extinction.gif Soldat5-extinction.gif


Keyboard and Mouse Controls
Key Action Notes
Left Mouse Click Shoot You fire your currently wielded weapon.
or Q Move Left
or D Move Right
or Z Jump
E or Ctrl Reload gun Note that while this is happening you cannot shoot. You can also move (left / right) during the reload but it will be interrupted.
A or Shift Switch Weapons Allows you to switch between your primary weapon and secondary weapon.
or S Spawn blocks / "conj" Changes your cursor to spawn blocks (if in range). Must hold down S and left mouse button to actually spawn.

Chat commands

  • /salon - ???
  • /save - saves the map in its current state (as .txt)
  • /load - reload a map (only appear if they are .txt)
  • /bombes - disable/enable the second type of ammo, able to shoot but do nothing
  • /jack - When done before entering a Forteresse room, will equip the 5th skin type once you enter. Soldat5-extinction.gif

Map editor

It's possible to create maps in Forteresse, but you need to download FortEdit (map editor). FortEdit has the following block types available:

  • Classic breakable block, the conj
  • Unbreakable block
  • Block where you can conj
  • Block where you can't conj
  • Breakable block but can't conj


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