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Modern default look.

Fortoresse is a Flash-based game by Atelier 801 that was released on open beta the 14th of March, 2014[1], and is a remakes of a game named "Forteresse" by Tigrounette on

In the game, users have to fight against others while protecting their Flag, VIP, or simply staying alive. If you die, you'll re-spawn in a few seconds (except in Domination maps), but if the enemy team destroys your base / kills your VIP, you'll lose the round.


Fortoresse went through 2 stages before becoming the current iteration (the version).


Forteresse first appeared as a game type in (which you can still play). It has many major differences, but has the basic ideas of the "modern" version, such as it being a shooter with conj.

Transformice module

Fortoresse as tranformice mod.png

Before it was release as it's own game, it was first implemented as a module inside Transformice. This version has some noticeable differences, but once again retained a lot of the core mechanics we have now. Some core differences (compared to V1.36):

  • The presence of classes (Medic, Tank, Demolitions expert)[Confirm]
    • Perks weren't available to everyone, but were class-specific abilities.
  • Customizable skins (color changes)
  • Different art style
  • You could see the flag, but no visible bounds were present

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  • The original sketches / design for Fortoresse show it was originally considered to have the players be cats instead of human (most likely to continue on the theme that most of their games contain non-human characters).[2] It is unknown why humans were chosen instead, but it may with the more violent nature of the game (showing blood splats, etc) versus more "cartoon" violence. See gallery below for images.



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