[V1.37] Chat Rework 19 May 2015
The Fortoresse chat has finally been reworked to mirror that chat in Transformice and other Atelier 801 games; you may now access your friends and tribe at the bottom left of the games, left of the chat box, and these options have been removed from the menu.
[Other] Over 1,000 online! 3 April 2015
Around 14:00 UTC there were over 1.2K people online on Fortoresse, with people in rooms up to 24. Most of the players where there due to Transformice being offline at the time.
[Wiki News] Map pages now include interactive map / updated changelog 19 January 2015
All map pages now include a map that has the locations of spawn and flag locations. It can also be zoomed in to twice the size, with options to zoom it in up to 4x for people with wider monitors. The changelog has also been updated, with each notable update having it's own page now, with all updates being listed on the bottom of the changelog as a simple timeline.
[V1.34] /Morting affects stats 17 December 2014
As of this update, morting now will affect the stats of the player using it, as well as display it as a suicide in the kill feed. While voiding will still allow for a stat-less death, this update should limit the ease at which stat padders increase their kill:death ratio. This update also brings some anti-hack mechanics to help combat the recent increase of hacks.

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