Glock 18 (W2)Cost200 PotatoRelease Date6 August 2014Glock 18
Ammo11 AmmoDamage3Reload1 seconds
Fire Rate5 ShotsPerSecondPrecision97%DPS (short)15AutomaticNoScopeNo
DPS (long)10.3DWDPS (long)10.3DWDPS (short)1540 Damage3.40sRDPC33

The Glock 18 is a high precision secondary weapon with moderate damage, firing speed, and clip size, as well as a very fast reload. Often considered a higher hitting version of the Beretta 9mm, due to their identical precision and reload. It has the highest Long DPS of any secondary weapon.

Although frequently discounted as a result of the Uzi's better digging ability, a precise weapon such as the Beretta 9mm or Glock 18 are excellent pressure options to the weak points of opponent's shields. A player can continuously poke a relentless number of bullets into a particular spot on a shield without the threat of the opponent being able to retaliate; for example, firing at the feet rather than at the head, as crouching can enable the opponent to reduce the size of their hit box. In addition, firing at the head of a crouched opponent gives them the opportunity to retaliate using an opening that the player has dug for them.