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Maps have 2 layers, the background and the foreground. The background is purely cosmetic, while everything on the foreground is made up of blocks and can be shot at, walked on, blown up, etc. Maps are currently game mode specific.

Maps numbers are decided by the number in the url for the map image, as shown here.

Map TypesEdit

  • Flag - You can capture / defend a flag by standing inside the highlighted area. You know whether you need to defend / capture it by the symbol above it (sword or shield). Flag maps can have one or two flags; in 2 flag maps, the game won't end after capturing the flag, but rather a new flag will appear that needs to be captured (defending team is still the defending team) with an additional 2 minutes added to the time left. Both spawn points will move.
    • Swords Attack - Members of your team must stand inside the highlighted area with no members of the opposing team inside the highlighted area.
    • Shield Defend - You must prevent members of the opposing team to get inside. If members of your team are inside the highlighted area, the opposing team cannot start capturing it until there are no members of your team left in the area.
  • VIP - Each team has a random member chosen as their VIP who is given 400HP, and if either VIP dies (be it by bullets, voiding, or morting), the opposing team wins. If the time runs out, the VIP with the most remaining health wins. If it's a tie, both teams lose (if one team in a tie wins it's because they won by a fraction). VIPs are marked with a Shield shield if it's yours and should be defended, or Crosshairs crosshairs for the enemy VIP, both of which stay on screen at all times. should a VIP leave the room or die from being inactive, another player on the team will become the VIP with the same health the previous VIP had.
  • Domination - The goal is to kill all members of the opposing team. There is no flag or VIP, and all players have standard health. The catch is that every player only has one life. If you die in a domination match, you must wait until the rounds over to rejoin.
    • Some domination maps don't show up in the normal rotation, and are only available in domination rooms.


Below is a list of maps that can be found in the game. Click the map's name / number to learn more about it. Note that listed names are not official.

Maps that only appear in domination rooms are marked as "Domination (room)".

# Name Type Image
1 Canyon Flag (2) Map 1
2 Toxic VIP Map 2
3 Wasteland Flag (2) Map 3
4 Forest Flag (2) Map 4
5 Candy VIP Map 5
6 Desert Flag (2) Map 6
7 Wilderness VIP Map 7
8 Riverside Domination Map 8
9 Pier VIP Map 9
10 Beach VIP Map 10
12 Woods VIP Map 12
13 Jungle Domination Map 13
14 Plains VIP Map 14
15 Diglett tunnels Domination
Map 15
16 Laboratory Domination
Map 16
17 Area 801 Domination
Map 17
19 Ruins VIP Map 19
20 Hill Flag (1) Map 20
21 Submerged Domination Map 21
22 Space Flag (1) Map 22
23 Castle Flag (2) Map 23
24 Cheese Domination Map 24

Removed MapsEdit

These maps are no longer in the game, or were dramatically changed / replaced by another.

# Name Type Image
11 Whale Flag (2) Map 11


  • Map 18 appears to be the exact same as map 19.
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