The game has many small graphical / audio options a user may tweak to their preference, either making the game potentially run faster or have less "distractions".


  • Enable music - background music
  • Enable sounds - explosions, shooting, death noises, etc
  • Enable the bell at the beginning of each round
  • Zoom in fullscreen - if in fullscreen, the game will scale to fit the max width/height available.
  • Enable language filter - ?
  • Display particles effects - shows blood, explosions, and other non-critical gameplay components. Disabling this can noticeably decrease lag.
  • Display guest's nicknames
  • Display your nickname - ?
  • Add timestamps to messages - shows the time a message in the chat before the player's name. Ex: [12:34][Yourname] message
  • Activate automatic optimizations - ? (In Transformice would remove unnecessary background / textures if the game detected a certain amount of lag) [1]